Ryusuke by Enzo.M


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  1. thank you Man

  2. Piffaretti jean-claude

    Salut ryusuke,
    je donne un coup de main a philippe lecellier pour son salon a fillinge le 14 et 15 Avril. comme je sais que tu as quitté lucky craft serra tu présent aux salon.
    Au plaisir de te rencontrer et merci pour tes conseille aux présedent salon et ta bonne humeur

    • Piffaretti jean-claude , Thank you for your contact. Yes, I am sorry that I am making you difficult for the Salon a Fillinge. sorry. As you know. I am no more Team LC. I am sure some other Pro from Team LC will work very well for your show. If you cold talk to communication Dep of Daiwa France. If They ask me to go there. I am more than welcome to participate the Fillinge show !!! Fillinge show is very nice so !!!
      But, unfortunately It is difficult me to go there as private….. Let me know !!! Good luck.

  3. Thank you so much for this, Dorian. Your wonderful words brhugot fresh tears to my eyes, both of sadness from missing Enzo so much, but also from being touched so much by this. Jody actually saw this first and told me, he’s really, really touched as well. Thank you thank you, xoxo

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